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Who are your true friends?

I sometimes think about this and it has come up in conversations with some of our friends.
I have always believed that a true friend is NOT necessarily one of the 200 or more that you have on Facebook.

I know that our true friends are those who do not hesitate to drop everything when either myself of my wife have some issue in our lives. This was quite evident when I had my health scare early last year.
It can also include (and most often does) those who you see or speak to the least often but when you answer that phone or you bump into them in the street it’s as if you pick up where you left the last time you spoke to them.
I even count my ex-wife in the list of true friends we have even though I usually only speak to her about twice a year.

Ask yourself these questions….

  • If I moved away from where I live now, would they keep in contact even if it was only a couple of times a year?
  • Would you really “want” person x to be at your funeral and do you think they would do everything in there power to be there?

If the answer is yes to both, then I believe you have really found a true friendship.

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