Disgraceful union behaviour – Point Cook CFA

As a former volunteer firefighter, I am disgusted with the Point Cook Fire Brigade (CFA) for defacing the sign outside their station with union posters. As a volunteer I was proud to say I was in the CFA and helping my local community as well as others when we were needed.

I understand that the “paid” firefighters have a grievance but that is with the government NOT the CFA. I would like to believe that ALL firefighters are proud to be in the CFA but there are times when it feels like that attitude is only inherent to the volunteers.

When I joined the CFA, one of the things I was told (and it still gets said today) was that the CFA (Country Fire Authority) is a volunteer organisation supported by paid members. I now believe what they should be saying is that it is an organisation that consists of paid firefighters and can only work with the passion of volunteer firefighters.

I implore the United Firefighters Union to stop disrespecting the brand of CFA as what you are doing is spitting in the face of those dedicated volunteers who stand by your side. You sometimes put your life in their hands as they do they in yours. Just remember, they (the volunteers) do “the job” because they have a passion to help others, not because the pay is good or should be better.

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