New Weathercam working great.

After several days of having this running now, it appears to be quite a good little unit.

The model is a Foscam FI9900P and the only thing I can find wrong is that it is not in a really good area for a great view of the sky.

I did have some initial teething problems with it as I had a plug-in installed in my browsers that was causing the inbuilt website of the camera to fail which resulted in me only getting a screen with a greyish gradient, no title bar no anything. I suggest if you have this sort of problem with an IP cam that you may be using, try removing the browser plug-ins one at a time and see if that resolves the issue. Just simply disabling them did not fix the issue, you have to remove the faulty one.

The camera runs 24/7 and every night I upload the previous days time-lapse to the server. I capture an image every 10 sec using Evocam and at midnight each night the images from the previous day are exported to an mpeg file using a 15 frames/sec frame rate. This still results in a hefty file which is usually larger than 50Mb in size.

Take a look at yesterdays time-lapse here.

You can also see the Latest Live Image direct from the camera but this can take a while to load and it updates approximately every 20 seconds.


  1. Ger | | Reply

    Please tell me the settings for the FI9900P? I see that the name of the uploaded picture have allways another name. So I do not know how to implement that in my website.

    • Uncle Buck | | Reply

      I use a php script called SecureImageDisplay. If you do a search in Google there is a lot of information about how you install it and get it running for Foscam Cameras

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